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About Me:

In my lampworked paperweights I strive to transform the ephemeral into the eternal, capturing a bloom that may last for only a day or a butterfly that may live for only a week. I am intrigued by botanical forms, by the incredible variety of colors, shapes, and textures in plant life. As I have begun creating my own designs for vacuum-encased paperweights I've turned to flowers and fruit for inspiration. My still-life assemblages, captured in clear glass, are an attempt to express both the intricate details of plant structure and the simple beauty of outward form.


Though I have only been making and selling my own designs since 2007 I have been involved with hot glass in one way or another since 1994 when I had an opportunity to take a short course at Corning's Studio Access to Glass. I took a second glass course at the Corning Glass

Studio in 1996, with Eddie Bernard and Pamina Traylor. Since then I have been studying on my own and under the tutelage of my mother, Cathy Richardson. I took a break from glass for a while between 2000-2006 to attend Winona State University in Winona MN, where I double majored in Literature and Psychology. While working on my B.A. I started working with my mother at her studio and eventually decided to join her studio when I graduated from collage. I worked with and for my mother for almost 6 years, but I now have my own studio in Burnsville MN where I live with my wife and my two daughters who are the lights of my life. When I'm not working in the studio, spending time with my wife, or taking care of my daughters I enjoy photography, game design, or relaxing with a book.


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