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My paperweights feature a wide variety of plants and animals from every imaginable environments, as well as a number of my own creation.  I have always loved the shapes and forms of flowers and plants, from the single pale blossom growing in the shade and quiet of the deep woods to the blaze of color of a meadow of wildflowers, each has a beauty unlike any other.  In my work I try to capture not just the shape or the form, but the sense of beauty and wonder that I feel for each bloom or berry.


All of these pieces are one of a kind, these are examples of designs I have made in the past while exploring different flora and fauna.  I am constantly looking for new and different flowers to make, and new design styles to explore.  Though there are a number of broad categories, and several things listed as "Series", keep in mind that I only make each of these designs once, and though I may make several versions of a design each is an individual - just like the colorful blossoms they depict.

Illustration Series

Mandala Series

Fruit in Bloom

Floral Crowns

Tropical Flora

"Free Verse"

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